Help us understand the impact of changes to prescribing

Help us understand the impact of changes to prescribing


Can you help us to understand the effect of potential changes to the prescribing of medicines? 

At West Leicestershire CCG we are currently undertaking a review of medicines and supplements which are available to buy cheaply over the counter and are currently also available on prescription.

As part of this, we want to understand how people would be affected if they had to buy certain products directly from supermarkets or pharmacies, instead of requesting a prescription for them. This means we can make the best use of NHS resources and ensure we are spending our money wisely.

Minor ailments such as hay fever, athlete’s foot and cold sores are treatable with medicines which many people already purchase without prescription from a community pharmacist (also known as a chemist) and sometimes from the supermarket in small quantities. Pharmacists in the local community are highly knowledgeable about a wide range of minor conditions and can offer patients immediate advice about the best course of treatment, without the need to wait for an appointment.

Patients in West Leicestershire already pay directly for medicines such as paracetamol and the CCG is considering extending this to some other over the counter medicines for other minor ailments, to make the best use of NHS resources. This also includes Vitamin D supplements when it is prescribed as a preventative measure and you can find out more about vitamin D supplements by clicking here.

The CCG also want to understand the impact on relevant people if they were asked to buy specialised infant formula which can be prescribed for babies with reflux or lactose intolerance instead of it being supplied on prescription. You can find out more by clicking here.

If any of these changes would affect you, please let us know by filling in our surveys.

You can find the survey regarding medicines also available over the counter and vitamin D by clicking here

The survey regarding infant formula can be found by clicking here.

The surveys close on 4 August 2017. Once the survey closes, the results will be analysed and the resulting report will be made public on the CCG website. The results of the survey and views of the public will be fully considered before any decisions are taken.

We would appreciate your support in sharing the survey with any person or group you feel may be affected by these potential changes, so they can ensure their voice is heard.