Operational plan

Operational plan


Operational Plan 2014/15 & 2015/16

Our CCG is the patients’ advocate, here to secure high quality health and social care services for people in need.

We are pleased to introduce the Operational Plan 2014/15 and 2015/16 which sets out our plans for the next two years.

When developing our commissioning plans, we considered the following:

  • Our growing and ageing population profile
  • A high number of people affected by the major risk factors for ill health in particular smoking, alcohol relating harm and obesity
  • Some communities with poorer health outcomes in deprived areas
  • Inequalities associated with rural poverty, among gypsies, travellers and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds
  • Health needs of our population
  • Provider performance
  • Quality of healthcare providers
  • Innovative commissioning which is patient centred and co-designed with our communities 

We have set out eight priority Programmes which have been produced after consideration of the strategic direction that we intend and need to take, and our local operational challenges.

The priority programmes diagram within the operation plan shows an overview of the eight priority Programmes and how they all fit together.  At the centre is ‘People powered health: empowering our patients to shape services and the care they receive.’  This is the idea that people’s needs are better met when they are involved in an equal and reciprocal relationships with health professionals, working together to get things done. It is about blurring the traditional role of patients and professionals as people are supported to take more control of their own health.  Our CCG is championing this approach focusing on relationships, so people do more with, and for each other within and beyond a health setting.  We will encourage services to stop being about institutions and focus on people, individuals and communities.