Reader panel form

Reader panel form


GEM Application to volunteer to read new leaflets and documents for patients 

Reading new leaflets

What’s it about?

We want to make sure that information we publish is clear and can be understood by our patients and the public.  We would like people to volunteer to read new patient information leaflets and other documents and give us with their comments before these are printed.

What does it involve?

Receiving patient information leaflets or other documents by e-mail or if you don’t have an email address then through the post.  You will be asked to comment on them i.e. how understandable they are and if they give the right information and give us your views.  We will provide you with a form to complete each time and you return this to us with your comments.  If you are sent things in the post we will give you a freepost envelope to reply so it doesn’t cost you anything. 

How long after I receive information do I have to reply?

Usually round 2 weeks to give us your views.  Sometimes things are needed very quickly but we try to avoid this if possible and you’ll only be asked if you’ve said you are happy for us to do this beforehand

How often would I be involved?

This depends on how many leaflets/documents are being produced and it may not be very often.  It’s not likely to be a big time commitment.  We would not send you more than one thing in any month.

Do I need to have done this before?

No, we just want people who can comment on information from a patient or a member of the public’s point of view

When does it start?

There’s no particular date – just when we have the people

What happens next?

We need to collect some information from you so that we can add you onto our list.  We want to make sure that those doing this are made up of similar groups as the population and so in addition to things like your contact details we have to ask for things like your age, ethnic groups whether you are disabled etc. It’s known as equalities monitoring. We have a form which we need you to complete and sign before sending it back to us. We won’t pass this information on to anyone else.

Contact Details

Please contact Jo Lilley by either telephone 0116 295 1486 or send an email to letting us know what you are interested in doing.


Some information which we ask you to provide comments on will be confidential, for example early drafts of documents which contain information that is not available to the public. Any information that is sent to you that is confidential will say this on it. We need you to agree that if you are sent information that is confidential you will not disclose this to anyone else without our permission. Please tick the box to confirm you have read and agree to this