Everyone is welcome at the events, members of the public as well as professionals.

We have already begun to transform local mental health support for children and young people through our Future in Mind plan, which is improving access to a full range of services that meet all levels of need. At the events, you can hear more about our success so far, as well as our plans for the future, and tell us what you think of them. You will be able to find out how the plans have evolved, meet the people who provide the services for children, young people and families and share your views on our progress so far.

Event details

  • Thursday 7th February 9:30am to 2.00pm at Kibworth Cricket Club
  • Thursday 7th March 2019 9.15am to 12.15pm at Castle Rock School, Coalville
  • Wednesday 27th March 2019 1.30pm to 5.00pm at Leicestershire Partnership Trust Learning and Development Centre, Beaumont Leys
  • Tuesday 9th April 2019 12.00pm to 5.00pm at The Falcon Hotel, Uppingham

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You can also contact Tricia Reynolds: Telephone 0116 295 1119 or 07554 112 317


Three years ago, the services available were relatively limited; many children were not able to use them and were not receiving the support that they needed. We are now in a position where the NHS, local authority and voluntary sector are working together more closely to ensure smoother movement between different services for young people and new services have been introduced to add to those that were already in place.

These include online support for emotional problems which may occur because of cyber-bullying, peer pressure and academic stress, the Early Intervention Service which gives support to prevent the development of more serious mental health concerns and a Crisis and Home Treatment Service where, instead of having to go to A&E for a mental health crisis, the child can be seen either in a clinic or at home, wherever is best for that child.

Future developments include a new service which will help children and their families reach the right support for their needs much more quickly and intensive community support for children with more complex mental health problems.

Click here to read the Future in Mind plan.