The Register of Procurement Decisions

The CCG’s Register of Procurement Decisionsis a register of procurement decisions taken, who was involved in making the decision, and a summary of any conflicts of interest in relation to the decision and how this was managed by the CCG.

Spend over £25,000

We publish a monthly register of all spend over £25,000. Browse the registers.

Board member's, committee members and staff register of interests

In line with our CCG constitution, all potential conflicts of interest have to be declared and recorded. This applies to our CCG Governing Board members, members of sub-committees and all staff employed by the CCG and any individual who is contracted to work on our behalf. Here is the register of staff's conflict of interests. View the register of interests for governing body members.

A conflict of interest is where any of the above named people has an interest, or becomes aware of one, which could lead to a conflict of interests in the event of our CCG considering an action or decision in relation to that interest, that must be considered as a potential conflict.

Gifts and hospitality register